Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stops at the Service Station

Day 27** Love and Service

"Love cannot remain by itself--it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service."

That's a quote from Mother Teresa, and it perfectly corresponds with the way she lived her life. Those weren't just words to her; she saw the suffering around her in India and decided to reach out and care for the poorest of the poor. Her service taught us so much about love. And when she died, the world honored her for her life of grace. Kings and presidents presented flowers of respect to this little woman who died with only a sweater and two pair of sandals as her worldly possessions.

Why? Why was the world interested in her simple life?

Perhaps because we long to see sainthood in action. We long to be reminded what the best of the human spirit looks like. At times, each good person stops and says, "What am I doing on this planet? Is running around in this hamster wheel really getting me anywhere? What's really important?" It's at these times that we look for guides. We look for people who have found a different path through life. People who bring goodness and light into dark places. People who build and lift.

None of us can live the life of Mother Teresa. That was her life, her calling. But, we can be inspired by her life to do a little something more regarding our service to just means putting love into action.

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