Friday, May 21, 2010


I just opened my blog and realized that I last posted a thought on May 12. Latter in the afternoon my husband and I would find out that our dear son had unexpectedly passed away. He'd been sick with the flu for three days, but we certainly could not have expected such a devastating outcome.

Be kind to each other.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nice People

The world is made up of nice people. Oh, I know, the nay sayers will insist that there are bad, weird, and crummy people populating the planet too, and I would have to concede, but it has been my experience that the nice far outnumber the negative. I will give you an example.

I just returned home from a trip to Texas where I was privileged to be the key-note speaker for a meals-on-wheels fundraiser. I had never been to Texas nor had I met the people organizing the event. I'd surmised them to be people of heart because they were working to care for the seniors in their area, providing great services, one of which was the meals-on-wheels program.

Getting off the plane, I looked about for the two women who were to meet me, and was greeted by two smiling faces. Within the first few minutes of introductions I felt a calmness and connection. As we drove to the hotel we chatted amiably about this and that, finding common ground in family, faith, and service.

Later that evening I was blessed to meet more good people of substance as I went to a delightful dinner with members of the CSS (Community Senior Services) board. These were people who had decided that doing service was a good way to spend one's time. And, I knew that this altruism was repeated hundreds of thousands of time across the nation and the world.

Good people.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


After a few months of intense work, George and I opted for a little vacation. We are at Disneyworld. It is fun. It is tiring (on the days we visit the parks). It is relaxing (on the days we sit by the pool). Vacations are necessary. In most countries in Europe vacations are called holidays, and bosses insist their employees take holidays to renew and rejuvenate. Makes sense to me. Vacations give the mind, body, and emotions time to rest, and normally a person returns from a vacation more alert and with a fresh perspective on how to solve problems in their field. Sounds good, doesn't it?

So, I am off to rest and rejuvenate. Heaven knows, in a few days I will be back at the grind and I'll need every bit of alertness I can muster. Alertness? Is that a word? Oh, who cares, I'm on vacation!