Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, George!

I want to wish a Happy Birthday, to my sweet husband George! I won't divulge his age, although he's so even tempered, he probably wouldn't mind. He's a good hubby, father, brother, and friend.

We celebrate his birth.

Happy Birthday!

Monday, January 4, 2010


The sun is shining! The prospect of snow is in the forecast for tomorrow or the day after, but today--sun. I'm sitting in my office attempting to organize my thoughts and my writing schedule, but it's not working. My mind keeps sliding back to the just finished holidays with their subsequent lack of structure. It's like trying to write at the beach.

Have you ever read Gift from the Sea, by Anne Marrow Lindburg? (Amazing book). In one scene, she talks about taking all her writing implements: notebooks, paper, pencils to the beach with every intention of using the blissful peacefulness to compose a chapter or two. Well, she soon finds that the beach is not the ideal place to write. One's mind keeps drifting with the sound of the waves, the feel of the soft sand and warm sun, and the distant laughter of children.

That's what my mind is doing today--drifting. I keep gazing out the window at the snow covered mountains, while my mind thinks about friends, family, and funny childhood escapades. I suppose receiving cards and letters from these many loved ones during the Christmas season has conjured nostalgia in double doses.

BUT, I have five loads of laundry, an office to organize, and a chapter to finish by the end of the day! So, no more drifting! (Sometimes I have to get tough with myself). Yep! Sometimes I have to stop gazing out the window, brush the sand off my pants, and get to work.