Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stops at the Service Station

Day 9**Love and Caring

I heard this analogy about love and caring many years ago, and I want to share it with you. The person who shared it with me called it the ‘cup of love’ theory.

When we’re born we have a little cup in our hearts filled with liquid. When something good happens to us, drops go into the cup. When something bad happens, drops are taken out of the cup. When our cups get low on drops we become sad, cranky, or mean. We don’t share drops with others for fear there won’t be enough left to keep us going.

We’ve all come across people whose cups are low on liquid: surly store clerks, sour folks at the bus stop, or pushy people at the market check-out. Doesn’t their offensive behavior annoy you? Me too, and I find myself wishing that they’d just drop off the planet. Not nice, I know, especially since I’ve had my share of cranky days.

Anyway… this is a time to put the theory into practice. First, stop and think that maybe this person is having a really terrible day, or month, or life, and their cup is really low on drops. Just thinking that thought, changes everything. Now, take a few drops out of your cup and give it to the person: a soft tone of voice, a smile, an offer to help them with something. You’ll be amazed the change that usually follows in the person’s demeanor. Even a few drops will make a difference.

Trust me…now that you know the theory, you’ll find yourself applying it just to see what happens. Enjoy the results!

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