Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stops at the Service Station

Day 14**Bells and whistles

It's a beautiful day today: blue sky, puffy white clouds, just the right temperature. It's the kind of day where I want to take a walk and whistle a happy little tune as I'm strolling.

Do you feel sometimes like a day is a gift and somehow you need to say thank you? Well, it's that kind of day for me. Along with all the tough things I've had to face in my life, there have been tons of amazingly good things; things that have lifted my soul and made me know I was loved.

It's Sunday again (as it is every seven days) and the church bells are ringing. Perhaps the best way to say thank you for sky, and clouds, and the ability to stroll is to sit for a few minutes in meditation in church and get a little inspiration from Heaven. It's truly a marvelous place to get insight into the reason for being on the planet, and it's interesting how often the message from the pulpit concerns service. It's also a great place to add drops to your cup.

So, I'm heading off to the Big Service Station to refuel and say thank you. Hear me whistling as I go?

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