Monday, March 22, 2010

Thoughts on Life

I am sad today. I woke up to a different America. An America transformed by the Democratic party into a place of deeper entitlements. With the passage of the health care bill we move not only steps away from the ideals of the Constitution, but miles.

The founding fathers intended that the federal government remain small. They limited the government with many checks and balances. They set forth that Congressmen should be practical working men who would come away from their toil in their fields or businesses for a short span of time to serve the people of the country. They would then return home and take up the cause of freedom in their own communities.

The founding fathers also knew a vital truth that today's elected representatives have obviously forgotten--they must follow the will of the majority. If the voice of the majority of people cried out for or against a certain piece of legislation, the members of the government were bound by their sacred honor to listen and abide by that voice. This is not the way of things today. Poll after poll showed that more than 55% of the American people were opposed to this bill, especially the sections providing government funding for abortion, and monies allotted for health care of illegal aliens. Did our representatives listen? No.

Of course, it must have been hard for those poor Congressmen with all the arm twisting, bribes, and backroom deals that were being done by the President and the Speaker of the House.

And this wasn't just about health care. Passage of this bill gives the federal government huge control over 1/6 of our economy, and huge control over our lives. Passage of this bill was about power not compassion.

So, I'm sad today, and I think the founding fathers are shedding a few tears too.

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