Monday, June 8, 2009

Sleep, Anyone?

I'm tired today. I was going to blame it on allergies, but I think it's actually because I only slept about five hours last night. My dog was snoring, my hubby was away on a business trip, and I'd eaten radishes from the garden late in the afternoon. These things, combined with having many decisions to make about book marketing, caused a whopping insomnia.

I know that all of my sleep depriving mongrels are insignificant when compared to the worry monsters that other people have to face, but try telling that to your active brain at 2 am. Oh! I did try telling that to my active brain at 2 am. It didn't even get me a drooping eyelid.

I thought about my grandmother's cure...warm milk toast. Yuck! I thought about my grandpa's cure...a shot of Bourbon. (sorry, Mormon girl). I thought about my mom's cure...a soothing hot bath. That sounded nice, but who wants to get up at 2 am and run bath water?

Through all this frustration, my dog continued snoring.

Sometime around 3 am, I drifted off, which is a nice way of saying I crashed through sheer exhaustion. So, today, I'm tired. I'm slogging my way through laundry, dishes, writing, lunch with friends, and blogs. Please excuse the meandering thoughts. Hopefully, I'll be more coherent next time.

I'd love some of your thoughts about sleep helps. I'll make a file and peruse it the next time the insomnia monster strikes.

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