Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A place where members of a republic need to be ever vigilant is in the realm of education, for what goes into the heads of our young people becomes the policy of later years. And to argue that the parents have the main sway in their children's preceptions, does not hold true into the years of high school and higher education. We know that one of the chief jobs of young people is to rebel against the "old-fashioned" teachings of Mom and Dad.

Here's an example. For several decades the concept was taught in history classes that the founding fathers of this republic were severely flawed individuals with no moral character or concern for all the people who lived or would live under the flag of the United States. I remember being taught these ideas in my high school civics and history classes. At home, I was taught that the founders were wise men of conscience who worked hard to establish a set of laws that would keep fallible leaders in check and allow for amendments which could be used to correct oversights. The battle lines were drawn, and for several years I found myself bitterly opposed to any thought my parents held about this country.

Luckily, as I matured, I learned to do my own independent reading and research, and I came to know that those who founded this country were truly remarkable individuals.

Let's not be complacent. It shouldn't matter if we have children in school or not; we should know the curriculum and what's being taught whether it be history, sex education, or science. Remember, those students will grow up to be our leaders.

Note: please study the Cultural Revolution in China, and Mao Tse-tung's thoughts on education and his use of young people as Red Guards.

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