Friday, January 27, 2012

Ground work

People want the same things: freedom, prosperity, and peace.

My husband and I traveled through China several years ago, and out side a small village near the Yangtze River was a Buddhist shrine called, The City of Ghosts. It is 800 years old and filled with amazing statuary of ghosts and demons. To cross into the city we had to walk over one of three bridges: the bridge of a long and healthy life, the bridge of wealth, or the bridge of peace. If you could cross the bridge in three long strides the gods would grant your wish.

The point being is that these have been longings of the human heart in all times, with all people, in all places.

If we can start with this premise, then we can build a structure to analyze government in its relationship with these desires, without falling into the trap of political parties, or narrow thinking. Hopefully we can have a dialogue.

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