Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let Freedom Ring!

This week my sister is watching our two great nieces, ages ten and seven as their mom and dad are on assignment. You see, my niece and nephew are officers in the Air Force and will be away from home for weeks of special training. My niece will be away from her little girls for two weeks. She'll return home for a month and then be deployed to Afghanistan...for 6 months. Her amazing and capable husband will hold down the fort alone until she returns.

The family approaches this deployment stoically and with positive military grit. These little girls have lived in several US cities, Turkey, and most recently Okinawa. All deployments, until this one, they have gone together as a family. This time my niece goes alone, and into a very dangerous part of the world.

I'm trying to be brave and positive about the whole thing, but I haven't been trained in military grit and dedication, and I get emotional if I spend too much time thinking about the sacrifice. And then, of course, if you multiply their sacrifice several thousand times, you get an idea what these brave patriots put on the line to defend this country, and to help down trodden people around the world.

So, I'm asking you to say a prayer for our brave troops. And if you could add in a personal word of protection for my niece, and strength to her sweet family, it would be appreciated.

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